Colour Spectrum has its own line of virgin hair extensions that is used exclusively for all colour services we offer


Yes, we do. Visit Colour Spectrum Education for more information. Private classes and online courses are available.


We are an online store based in Lagos, Nigeria. We do not have a physical store but we fulfil all orders nationwide through logistic partners


Colour Spectrum® telephone lines are open from 9am-5pm on Monday through Friday.


ALL orders have a standard processing time of ONE (1) – TWO (2) days.

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Within Nigeria in certain states. Please contact us on WhatsApp +
2347066468685 to confirm if your location is on our delivery list

As delivery is outsourced, we do not have a say on the price. Cost of shipping is determined by weight and the policies of our logistic partners.


We strive to update pictures with the most current packaging from brands. However, if you received a product that looks slightly different than our site pictures, we are in the process of updating the product picture.


Due to the nature of the products that are sold on our website, ALL sales are final. We strive to provide accurate information/ photographs of items to enable a conducive shopping experience for our customers.

This is to ensure the integrity of our company and the products that we carry.


Colour Spectrum® cultivates relationships with our brands and vendors, therefore we stand behind our products and assure you that they are authentic and we are obtaining them through a reliable source.


Modifications can be made as long as your order has not shipped.

Contact us by telephone on +234 706 646 8685 if you wish to make any changes to your order.

Orders CANNOT be cancelled once item(s) have been shipped.



Can the dyes you stock be used on natural hair?

Yes, they can. Our dyes are for natural hair, relaxed hair and virgin hair extensions.

Will the dyes you stock break my hair?

Our inventory comprises of authentic and professional quality dyes. Proper application of hair dyes will not break your hair, especially if done by a professional. You may purchase our dyes and take with you to your hair stylist for colouring.

Can I send a photo of my hair so you can tell me if your dyes will work/ break my hair?

Unfortunately no. This is because we cannot ascertain the health of you hair from a photo. If you would like to determine the strength of your hair and if hair dye is a safe choice for you, please consult a professional  or your trusted hair stylist.

Can I use one bottle/ tube of dye for 300 grams of hair and above?

No. This is because more hair means more dye will be needed to colour it satisfactorily. 300 grams of hair (depending on its length) will need two to three bottles/ tubes of dye, especially for application from root to tip.

What is developer and do I need it?

Developer is the white creamy liquid that activates dye and bleach powder. You need it to mix in with your permanent dyes and bleach powders for them to work.

What types of dye do you sell?

We have permanent and semi-permanent dyes for sale. Permanent dyes need developer to work, while semi- permanent dyes do not.

Will semi- permanent dyes work on my dark/ black hair?

Semi- permanent dyes work best on hair that has been bleached/ lightened.

What is bleach powder?

Bleach powder is used to lift/ lighten hair. When mixed with developer, it makes a creamy paste that can be applied to hair. With bleach- your natural hair, relaxed hair or virgin hair extensions can go from black to blonde.